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About us

Ακτινολογικό Μεταξά

About Radiology Center

Radiology Center Metaxa is founded by Dr Panayiota Metaxa and Dr

Feidia Metaxa.

Dr Panayiota Metaxa has 37 years of  experience as a specialist radiologist. She has worked as a Head Director of the radiology Department of the Limassol General Hospital.

Dr Feidias Metaxas is a doctor radiologist and has been working in the private sector for the past five years.

The establishement was based upon high quality and reliable diagnoses by using the most sophisticated and state of the art equipment.

Always having the patient's well being in mind we have provided a very pleasand atmosphere and comfortable environment.

Our medical personel are renowned for the amicable personalities  and  proffessional expertise towards the patients.

We provide the best medical personnel offering their professional expertise

Dr Feidias Metaxas

Dr Feidias Metaxas graduated Medical school of Thessaloniki Greece (AUTH) with grade cum laude.

He  attended two year residency program in General Hospital of Edessa and three years in AHEPA Hospital of Thessaloniki and Papanikolaou General Hospital. He is specialised in breast imaging in Oncology center of Theageneio Hospital.

He also attended seminars and practical sessions concerning interventional radiology for a year at Evaggelismos Hospital of Athens.

He has many published articles and participated as speaker in many conventions.

Dr Metaxas is involved in all parts of radiology but takes a special interest in classic radiology, ultrasound, CT scan and mammography. He also has expertise in colour doppler ultrasound of body vessels including carotids and renal arteries, having completed more than 1000 examinations. He has been working in private sector since 2014 having complteted many successful examinations. He continues to evolve his knowledge by  attending many conferences and he is uptodate with the latest guidelines.

Dr Linda Metaxa

Dr Linda Metaxa graduated from the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and completed the speciality of Clinical Radiology at the AXEPA University Hospital.  
In 2013, she was awarded with a scholarship by ESOR (European school of Radiology) and she attended the Breast Imaging Department of the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (Barts) in London, where she completed the sub-specialty in Breast Imaging, on 2015. During her fellowship she was trained reporting the different type of Breast Imaging examinations (mammograms, US, MRI), performing innumerus interventional procedures, including FNAC, core and vacuum biopsies of the breast and axilla, marker clip placements, wire and seeds localizations and examining high risk women for breast cancer as well as post-operative patients.  
In 2015 she was awarded with a scholarship by the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) and attended the Breast Department of the Policlinico Uberto I (Sapienza University) in Rome, which is well-known for the new techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of breast pathologies and the Breast MRI imaging.  
She was a scientific collaborator of Queen’s Mary University in London and Sapienza University, in Rome for projects concerning the breast pathologies. She has participated in multiple international conferences and presented projects of which she has received several awards as best scientific works.
Since 2016, she has been working as a Consultant Breast Radiologist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, in London.  
Dr Linda Metaxa will be a clinical scientific advisor at our diagnostic center.

Dr Panagiota Metaxa

Dr Panagiota Metaxa graduated Medical school of Thessaloniki Greece (AUTH) with grade cum laude.

She  attended her residency program  in AHEPA Hospital of Thessaloniki, where  she specialised in Ct scan examinations.

She has been  working since 1983 in Cyprus initially in private sector and later in General Hospital of Limassol as general director of the radiology department for many years .

She is  a very well known and respected radiologist not just in cyprus but abroad as well.

She is the first  radiologist in cyprus to undertake CT enterography exami-nations. Her expertise in this field matches no other since she has completed more than 3000 examinations. She continues to evolve her knowledge by been an active participant in radiology forums.

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