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Digital X rays


Digital X rays

Stephanix rad e+ dream with canon detector is a high standard digital instrument that performs high definition and quality examinations of the whole body with the lowest possible dose of radiation.

Examinations provided

  • Chest X ray

  • Abdominal X ray

  • X ray of Pelvis and Hips

  • X rays of Hands and feet

  • X ray of Ribs

  • Spine X rays

  • Injuries X rays

  • Skull X rays

We are recently equipped with the first Agfa Dx D300 xray machine in Cyprus, which has a bigger generator and tube, for better performance, better images and less dose. This machine is specialized in lumbar spine xrays, scoliosis investigation and leg anisoskelia (leg length discrepancy). It is suitable for patients on wheelchair, as there is no need for them to be moved.

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